Acrylic Paint Set, Shuttle Art 16 x12ml Tubes Artist Quality Non Toxic Rich Pigments Colors Great For Kids Adults Professional Painting on Canvas Wood Clay Fabric Ceramic Crafts

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    Premium Acrylic Paint SetShuttle Art 16 Acrylic Paint Set contains of 16 vibrant colors.  Colors names and numbers are printed on every tube making every paint distinguishable from another. Each tube is 3.54 inches high, has 12ml (0.4oz.) capacity, and filled with high quality, rich creamy pigments. Pigments are stored in aluminum tubes to guarantee maximum freshness and are durable, non-toxic and odorless. When stored properly, acrylic paints can last for years. Ideal for children, teens and adults whether you are a beginner or professional artist. Perfect for painting on canvas, ceramic, wood, fabric, clay, walls, nails, crafts and some other surfaces. Acrylic paint is water-based and easy to clean up after use (before drying) with warm soapy water.High quality cardboard storage tray The inner tray is made from thick cardboard , unlike others who use cheap thin PVC trays. Our storage tray is perfect for long term storage without drying out your paints or until you've used them all unlike other brands which often get thrown out due to improper storage and non aluminum tubes which cause paints to dry out.Storage tipsAcrylic Paints can dry out easily if not stored properly, remember to cap them after use and keep them out of sunlight & high temperature when they are stored. Don’t expose your artwork or acrylic paints in direct sunlight. Advantages of acrylic paintsCompared to other coloring products, acrylic paints are more versatile. They can not only work on canvas, but also on many other surfaces. Apart from other working mediums, your work can be kept for a lifetime with waterproof and fade proof characteristics of acrylics and proper display of your work.Safety Certificates and CautionsAll our acrylic paints are formulated to comply with all US and European safety standards:U.S. ASTM D-4236 & EU EN71 .
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