Amazon Premium Greeting Cards with Anytime Gift Cards, Pack of 3 (Silver Congrats Design)

Old Price: $5.99
    Amazon premium greeting cards come in packs of 3, each with an Anytime Gift Card affixed inside. Remove the Anytime Gift Card and give the greeting card on its own, or keep them together to create the perfect last-minute gift that's personal, thoughtful and incredibly convenient. Each greeting card in the Pack of 3 measures 4.25" x 6.125" and features the same high quality design on premium paper. Each greeting card also comes with an envelope and an instruction slip for loading an amount to the Anytime Gift Card. So, use one now and save the others for later. Use the Amazon App to scan the back of the greeting card, and instantly load an amount between $10-2,000 to the Anytime Gift Card found inside. Anytime Gift Cards are not re-loadable; each Anytime Gift Card can be loaded with an amount only once. Amazon Greeting Cards with Anytime Gift Cards are the perfect last-minute gift solution for whatever life throws at you. (image) (image)
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