DC Comics Logo Justice League Characters Exclusive T Shirts & Stickers

    Founded in 1934 and exploding from its humble beginnings with Detective Comics, DC Comics has not only withstood the test of time, it has accomplished one of the greatest feats (possibly done with superhero strength) by becoming one of the most recognizable comics publishers. For the first time ever, the DC Comics logo is being officially licensed on these exclusive T shirts that feature the Justice League characters inside a DC Comics logo on the front using art from the DC Rebirth comic line that was introduced in 2016. Not only are these shirts perfect for the DC Comics fans in your life, they're perfectly timed with the release of the Justice League movie. Whether you're as cunning as Batman, strong as Superman, divine as Wonder Woman, sea-savvy as Aquaman, fast like The Flash, intelligent as Cyborg or protective as Green Lantern there is a shirt for you. In addition to receiving a T shirt with your favorite Justice League character on the front, you'll receive two exclusive die-cut stickers: one featuring the superhero on the shirt and a second of the DC Comics logo. All of our products are officially licensed and 100% authentic.  You can shop with confidence knowing Popfunk products are 100% officially licensed. We offer thousands of products from your favorite movies, TV shows, cartoons, comic book heroes, music and more. The continued success of our company is due to the care and consciousness that our employees place in each and every order, as well as to the high level of integrity we have upheld throughout the years. We have earned the respect and trust of our licensors and the customers we serve and in doing so have developed strong and lasting relationships. We are humbled by your choice to shop with Popfunk!
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