Kabob skewers PACK of 500 8 inch bamboo sticks made from 100 % natural bamboo - shish kabob skewers - (500)

Old Price: $8.27
    So what makes these kabob skewers different ? They are super strong and super durable. They are made for the restaurant industry. They are meant to be loaded with thick cuts of meat and not break on the customer's plate. Bamboo is the only trusted material trusted in a commercial kitchen. But when you bring quality like that to your own backyard grill you will realize the difference. Also keep in mind. These are cook and service skewers. They are meant to be cooked on the grill then served directly onto the plate. Unlike metal skewers those are meant to be cooked with because of their large size. One pack of 500 kabob skewers lasts the average weekend BBQer about 2-3 seasons. They will not go brittle over time.
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