KOBRA Products Wireless OBD2 Car Code Reader Scan Tool (2-Pack)

Old Price: $39.98
    Diagnose your car with the help of the ultimate #1 top selling Wi-Fi wireless car code reader that is now available on amazon! how many times have you wasted your money on car mechanics just because you needed to figure out what was malfunctioning in your car? Goliath industry presents you with the best auto diagnostic scanner which will help you save money and accurately diagnose any car problem. Very easy to use as it is compatible with iOS, android and windows devices this top notch scan tool can connect to any iOS, android and windows device via Wi-Fi. You just need to plug it onto the diagnostic link connector, connect it with your device and follow the code reading procedure to diagnose any existing problem. Turn your car into a smart car! unlock data from your cars onboard computer - enjoy a real time feed of data streaming form your cars computer giving you a peek into the inner workings of your car's brain. Wide variety generic code definitions database the goliath industry car code reader is incomparably powerful and effective as it can read and display the meaning of both generic and manufacturer-specific diagnostic trouble codes. In fact, it covers more than 3000 generic code definitions. Can be used for most types of cars and small trucks the goliath industry Wi-Fi obd2 wireless scan tool is compatible with all 1996 to 2016 cars and small trucks in the united states. Keeping you satisfied is our priority.
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