Multitool M100 - TSA compliant, Tech Friendly, Strong and Lightweight with 2 x 1/4 inch Driver Heads included. Perfect for everyday carry, mountain biking, camping, outdoors or about the house

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    READY TO TACKLE ANY CHALLENGE The Tactica M100 adapts to your needs and ensures you have the tools to tackle any challenges. The internal storage compartment allows you to pick and choose the tools you need for your next outing. Maybe it's snowboarding, mountain biking or about town. It's your choice and you can rest assured it's got your back. DESIGN + TECHNOLOGY Non-Scratch Made from a strong, durable and lightweight composite that won't scratch your valuable digital devices. TSA compliant Air travel friendly the Tactica M100 is TSA compliant. The perfect wingman on your next adventure Ergonomic Design Designed for real life, it's shape ensures ease of use even when you need to keep your gloves on. DESIGNED TO PERFORM, BUILT TO LAST Design is not just about what it looks like, it's about how things work. The Tactica M100 is the result of extensive research and development to ensure it fits the needs of our customers. Pairing materials typically used in military and aerospace applications, the Tactica M100 features the best in lightweight and strong composite technology with the hard-wearing properties of hardened stainless steel. The result is a multitool designed to perform and built to last. MADE BY PEOPLE WITH PASSION FOR PEOPLE WHO LIVE Mike Chijoff is a thinker, a passionate designer and a tenacious adventurer. After many years designing products for start-ups through to corporates, Mike now uses his extensive experience in material science, production planning, supply chain and logistics, product design and development to create cools stuff for your everyday adventures. Why? Because life is too short to be lived without things that don't make it better. Tactica design original products that have you, the user at their core.
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