PhysiciansCare Eyewash Bottle, Screw Cap, 32 oz.

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    Sterile isotonic buffered solution (net weight 32 fl oz. or .94 l) for flushing or irrigating the eyes. Size Bottles of Eye Flushing Solution. Sterile isotonic buffered solution is perfect for flushing or aerating the eyes or skin.   Eyewash Bottle, Screw Cap, 32 oz. Bottle of sterile isotonic buffered solution for washing flushing and irrigating the ePortable and skin. Helps to clear ePortable of foreign material such as dust pollen and chemicals and to relieve itching and burning. Plastic squeeze bottle and nozzle help create a fluid stream to direct solution into the affected areas. Each bottle contains 32 oz. of solution. Contains 12 bottles.
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