Savile Row Men's Reversible Belt Top Grain Leather Classic Design Size 32

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    The right belt can round out a man's head-to-toe ensemble, this high quality “Savile Row” top grain reversible leather belts will convert your or your loved ones belt, from being just an accent piece into a “centerpiece” of the clothing! This classic and fashion Savile Row leather belts styles, were carefully selected and designed by the experts of the celebrated Savile Row company from London, the Savile Row company a global retailer of fine luxury goods, known for modern and upscale designs for men's clothing in the UK. The Savile Row Company searched for the most unique high quality “Top Grain Leathers” from the finest tanneries around the world for best durability, buckles were specifically designed and crafted for our belts with the latest modern upscale looks and finishes. Looking for a perfect match to your Black & Brown wardrobe? Looking for a memorable gift for your loved one? This Savile Row reversible top grain leather belt is the right answer! The selection of classic and fashion designs, in addition to the reversible functionality of this belts, makes it the perfect variety to choose for the everyday clean look, and for a professional look when attending a business meeting, or a fashion design for a wedding, and anywhere you need to look your best. So when you are looking for the perfect belt for you, or to give a unique gift that they will remember forever, than don’t delay just add this Savile Row belt to your cart and enjoy an easy and pleasant transaction. Top Grain Leather Explanation: Top Grain Leather means leather that has been made from the top or outermost layer of cowhide, the leather may be sanded or buffed out to reduce blemishes, but is not processed or treated with any chemicals as some other forms of leather Top-grain leather is durable and soft and shows natural character.
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