Sharpie 1983254 Permanent Markers Ultimate Collection, Fine and Ultra Fine Points, Assorted Colors, 72 Count

Old Price: $49.99
    Dare to unleash the ultimate in vividly creative marking with this collector’s edition of 72 Sharpie Permanent Markers. Bold and permanent to the core, your Sharpie marker set includes 32 fine tip and 29 ultra fine tip markers in vivid original colors, 5 luminous neon markers and 6 shimmering metallic markers. Made to mark practically everywhere, original Sharpie marker colors inspire you to transform ordinary surfaces into vibrant, personal statements. Not to be outdone, neon markers create an electrifying impact, glowing fluorescent under black light. And, Sharpie metallic markers put pale imitations to shame, laying down a pure metallic sheen that intensely stands out on dark surfaces. Featuring markers in both a bold fine point built for jaw-dropping marks and an incredibly sharp ultra fine point for ridiculous detail, Sharpie Permanent Markers ignite courageous self-expression.
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