TOPGREENER TDOS5-W Motion Sensor Light Switch, PIR Sensor Switch, Occupancy Sensor Light Switch, Motion Sensor Wall Switch, 500W 1/8HP, Neutral Wire Required, Single Pole, White

Old Price: $16.59
    TOPGREENER TDOS5 combines occupancy and vacancy sensor into one light switch for energy efficiency, security and convenience, while in compliance with the 2011 NEC Code. When no motion is detected within delay time you set, the connected load will turn off automatically. This light sensor switch detects fine motion. Energy Efficiency: The motion sensor light switch automatically turns ON/OFF based on room occupancy, avoiding the waste of energy from leaving the lights/motors on when nobody is in the room, including bathroom, closet, hallway, and office. Running the TDOS5 consumes little power, est. cost only $1 a year. The sensor light switch automatically turns the light on to avoid blind-searching and tripping when entering a dark room. Enhances safety and security: Occupancy sensor switch can also effectively deter thieves and allow security cameras to capture clear footage. To conserve energy and prevent lights from automatically turning on during day time, all you need to do is adjust the light level knob to change the light sensitivity of the sensor. Operating modes: • Occupancy Mode: Light switch sensor will automatically turn on the lights when you enter a room and automatically turn off after the room is vacant, making it especially convenient when entering a room with your hands full. Perfect for many applications such as the kitchen, laundry room, garage, restroom, office, closet, etc. • Vacancy Mode: Requires manually turning the light on and automatically turns the light off when the room is vacant. Vacancy mode is used in rooms that do not need the lights to automatically turn on, such as bedrooms and media rooms. Vacancy mode provides the most energy savings as it ensures that the lights will automatically turn off when the room is no longer occupied. NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED
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