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    Who Reads Wired? Wired readers want to know how technology is changing the world, and they’re interested in big, relevant ideas, even if those ideas challenge their assumptions—or blow their minds. Wired readers are generally familiar with computers and the Internet, but this is definitely not a computer magazine—Wired won’t teach you how to upgrade your RAM. Instead, it’s a magazine about science, art, adventure, online culture, business, philosophy … and bright shiny beautiful gadgets. Each month, more than 2 million smart, savvy readers come to Wired for clean, clear writing with a wry twist. What You Can Expect in Each Issue: Start: In Start, readers are treated to quick bites of information on everything from provocative innovations (in-flight Wi-Fi, anyone?) and new technologies (who won the DVD format wars?) to cultural shifts (why are Korean schoolgirls buying mini refrigerators?). Looking for tips on touching up your digital pictures or resetting a dislocated shoulder? Start has those, too. The stories are presented in smart, irreverent language with Wired’s signature visual flair. Test: Wired has covered gear and gadgets since its very first issue. Every month, Test gives readers the definitive take on the hottest products on the market, from the newest HDTVs to the slimmest notebook computers. The best tech writers in the business put the gear through a rigorous review and rate it from 1 to 10. Mix in Wired's trademark visuals and humor and you've got the most useful, entertaining coverage of products anywhere. Play: Now that popular culture is Wired culture, this is the best place to turn for the skinny on what’s cool, quirky, and fun. The section kicks off with Playlist: the top 10 newest, coolest things in the Wired world. In the rest of Play, editors delve deeper into movies, art, books, games, design, and online entertainment. Plus, it delivers the big picture so readers understand why these things matter. Wondering about cognitive science behind Halo 3? Curious about the cutting-edge engineering that goes into making a Top 40 single? The answers are in Play every month. Endgame: Part contest, part game, and totally engrossing, the Endgame puzzle challenges Wired readers to think deeply, both on and off the page. Features: Each month, the editors open a window to the future of technology, business, entertainment, science, and culture. We recently devoted 22 pages to the thorny questions to which scientists still don't have answers: Why do we sleep? What causes ice ages? Do forests actually speed up global warming? Other recent topics: How Apple does so well by behaving so badly; the race to build the 100-mile-per-gallon car; 12 ways to supercharge your brain; and how personal genomics could change the way you live. Magazine Layout: Outstanding print design is about the seamless integration of compelling stories and fresh ideas with expert typography, arresting photography, and sharp illustration. Inventive visual architecture has been part of the magazine’s DNA from the beginning. Fifteen years on, Wired is still the place to turn for eye-popping images and a style that sets the pace for the rest of the magazine design world. . Click on any image below to see select pages from Wired: (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) Contributors: Wired editor in chief Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail, writes regularly for the magazine. Among our other writers are Steven Levy, Joshua Davis, Steven Johnson, Jeff Howe, Lawrence Lessig, Daniel H. Pink, Bruce Sterling, Clive Thompson, and Gary Wolf. Contributing photographers and artists include Dan Winters, Platon, Nigel Parry, Andrew Zuckerman, Robert Maxwell, Bryan Christie, Tobias Frere-Jones, Jonathan Hoeffler, and Jason Lee. Past Issues: (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) Awards: Under the leadership of editor in chief Chris Anderson, Wired has been nominated an unprecedented six consecutive times for the National Magazine Award for General Excellence, winning the industry's top prize in 2005 and 2007. In 2008 Wired was nominated for three NMAs, for General Excellence, Design, and Best Section. In 2008 the magazine was nominated for 18 of the top awards from the Society of Publication Designers.
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